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What Is Growthli?

Work Differently & Learn Intentionally

A Letter From Our Founder

When I started Growthli, I wanted to do something radically different. I wanted something that focused on the individual needs of the members instead of just "generic space."

Growthli is more than just a space to work; it is a community that is driven to help one another achieve their goals. At Growthli, we seek to create a collaborative environment where our members get more than just "work done", but also build long lasting relationships and grow their businesses.

To me, Growthli needed to be more than just a chair and a table so we host and co-host workshops every week to help you increase and expand your knowledge. My co-founders, Elizabeth Hamilton, John David, and I remain very committed to our mission to help local entrepreneurs start 500 businesses in 5 years, through our accelerated 90 Day Idea Ignition Program.

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More than just coworking.

Coworking & Executive Suites


Work on your own, not alone

You started your own business and you want to work for yourself. That is fantastic: so did we, but we decided to do it with everyone else. With dedicated and non dedicated work spaces, you can have your cake and eat it to. As members, you get 24/7 access to this bright collaborative space.

Master Of Your Own Domain

Coworking is not for everyone and every situation, we just finished construction on our dedicated executive suites. With 13 private suites left contact us today before they are all gone. 

Events & Workshops

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If knowledge is food, we must be pigs

Both members and non members alike are holding some amazing workshops, meetups, certification programs, and even multi room conferences across all our learning spaces. 

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When you just don't want to Google it

In the trenches of growing your business sometimes you just need a few straight answers. When all the online search results just make it worse, you just want to talk to a person. At Growthli we want to give you access to wide range of experts every month.

Event Space

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Teach Them To Reach Them

At Growthli we know that you need affordable and creative spaces for your events.

  • Social Events
  • Meetups
  • Multi-room Conferences
  • Workshops

Weather you need to fit 10 or 70 we have a space for you.

Meet The Founding Team

Joshua, Elizabeth, and Amanda gathered together for the purpose of creating an amazing community. A community built around entrepreneurial education, business coaching, and a collaborative work environment. 

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Joshua Webb

Chief Growth Instigator 

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Elizabeth Ann Hamilton

Chief Marketing Instigator

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Amanda Afadapa

Director of Operations