Virtual Office The Way It Was Meant To Be

What Is Virtual Office
& CoWorking Anyway?

vir·tu·al of·fice
noun: virtual office; plural noun: virtuals office
  1. the operational domain of any business or organization whose workforce includes a significant proportion of workers using technology to perform their work from a distance.
noun: co-working; noun: coworking
  1. the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.
    "the whole idea of coworking is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide"

In short Virtual Office is the future of work. Growthli brings together a suite of tools, amenities, and spaces to help you achieve your growth goals.


What Is Included
In My Growthli Membership?

One Membership. Many Options.

24/7 Access

Yeah you read that right. With our premium membership you can have access to the space any day at any time.

Learning Lab

Each and every month you get 2 hours to use the learning lab for meetups, workshops, or events. 

Broadcast Studio

You get 2 hours use of the studio every month. Equipment included: 4k camera, lighting, Live Stream and editing software.

Our Address As Your Own

Just becasue you work from home doesnt mean you clients need to know. Your mail will be collected and be waiting for your next visit.

Free Parking

For both you and your visitors enjoy free parking. At some location covered parking is available as well.

Fast Internet & Wifi

Your business is growing and you need the power to get it done. Best in class fiber and cable internet.

50 Free Prints/Copies

Wether you need to print or make some copies the first 50 are on us. Color or black and white. 

Experts On Demand

Sometimes you just have questions. We find the best and brightest local experts. All so you can get the answers you need.

Onsite Receptionist

We will greet your visitors, accept your packages, and lend you a helping hand. You and your clients experiance is our highest priority.

Member Portal & App

Manage Your Account, bookings, communicate with other members, access special member only deals. All from your phone.

Private Facebook Group

Be a part of a growing community. Share your thoughts, experiences, and ask questions.  Remember grow your business on your own... not alone.

Spark Lab

We are hard at work creating the best collection of courses, lessons, and action plans to help you build your business.

Member Booking Discounts

As a Growthli member you get 40% off all additional bookings made for our Boardroom, Huddle Room, Day Suite, Broadcast Studio, and Learning Lab.

Free Coffee, Tea, & Water

Thirsty? Yeah, us too. Enjoy Starbucks coffee & Twinings Tea fresh by the cup from the Keurig. K-Cup®. We also have filtered water and bottled water for you.

Access To Trainings

There are new trainings and workshops added every week. Workshops are led by Growthli staff and members. Our memebers always get value pricing and early access.

FREE Booking Time

5 Hours

Boardroom Time

Host a meeting or workshop with 2 or 15 people in our spacious boardroom. Long table and 75in screen for presentations.

5 Hours

Day Suite Time

Meet with your clients or just enjoy a few hours of concentration in our Day Suite. 2 to 6 people fit comfortably.

Free Meetup Room

Do you host a Meetup? Ask your comunity manager about hosting it for free durring business hours.

2 Hours

Broadcast Studio Time

Shoot a Facebook Live Show, record your podcast, run a webinar, and produce online course videos. All Tech included.

2 Hours

Learning Lab Time

Host up to 35 attendees for your workshop or event. Classroom setup, multiple flat screen monitors, and coffee and water for your students.

5 Hours

Huddle Room Time

Host a meeting or workshop with 2 or 8 people in our in our second meeting room. Oval table and 65in screen for presentations.

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10% Of Our Quarterly Revenue Is Donated To Local Houston Organizations

Live Stream
Broadcast Studio








& Project Room

Hope in project room



& Tea




Break Room


Virtual Office

$197 /MO

  • 24 Hour Access
  • Use Our Address As Your Own
  • Free Parking
  • Onsite Receptionsist
  • 50 Free Color / Black White Copies
  • Access to Experts On Demand
  • G Connect Member Portal
  • Spark Lab - Online Training & Action Plans
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Free Meetup Room
  • 5 Hr Boardroom Time
  • 5 Hr Day Suite Time
  • 5 Hrs Huddle Room Time
  • 2 Hr Broadcast Studio Time
  • 2 Hrs Learning Lab Time
  • 40% Discount When Booking Meeting Space
  • 40% Discount When Booking The Podcast Studio
  • 40% Discount When Booking The Learning Lab
  • 40% Discount When Booking The CoWork Lab
  • Unlimited Coffee, Tea, & Water
  • Lightning Fast Wifi
  • Free Access To Growthli Hosted Events

One Membership Many Locations

Growthli North Campus
110 Cypress Station Dr,
Houston, Tx 77090
Growthli Northwest Campus
13105 Northwest Fwy , Ste 500
Houston, Tx 77040
Growthli Southwest Campus
7207 Regency Square Blvd., Ste 260,
Houston, Tx 77036


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